Astanga Yoga: Bahiranga Yoga or External Aspect of Yoga

In India a person who has a Sense of Integrity and Follows Ethical Standards are known as Yogi...Rest of the world may use any other term (for Yogi, like Sage) for such person- These are the people who command deep respect by their Behaviour and Conduct. The Social Scientist Amy Cuddle writes that when your body is mimicking gestures that a powerful person would do, your brain starts to believe that you’re powerful. What she means is that when you change your body language, it changes your inner aspects. Like when you start imitating Confidence with your Body Language, slowly your mind starts to become confident. These are present day research on how our External and Internal worlds are connected. In Ashtanga Yoga, The external aspect of transformation is known as Bahiranga Yoga. Bahiranga   is a Sanskrit term which means Bahir(outer) = External Anga(Limb or Part) = aspect. This concept is not limited to Body Language. This deals with how we conduct ourselves(Behaviour, Virtues and so

Ashtanga Yoga : The 8 Fold Path of Yoga.

Yoga deals with something beyond, like just for sitting in Deep Meditation or Performing Complex Poses... Because Yoga doesn't say you need to be a celibate or live in mountains or forest.  In fact Yoga can be performed by anyone, whoever or wherever you are... There were Kings known as Rajarisris( Raja + Rishis) were Kings who lived like Rishis or Yogis...Whether one is householder, sports person, scientist, Homemaker, Teacher, Student or so on, any one can be Yogi and they will perform better in their Profession or Work. Yoga can be applied on How one Works,  known as Karma Yoga or Yoga of Work.  Ashtanga Yoga is a set of guidelines that asks you to balance both your External and Internal World...As Yoga means a perfect sense of Harmony, One cannot be at peace if External and Internal worlds are in disagreement.  The term Ashtanga means Eight(Asta or Octo) Limbs(Anga) , Key Points to Remember: Eight Limbs are independent areas covering particular aspects of Yoga or Personal Trans

Yoga Concepts

This article is based on the notes I made on various Yoga Concepts during my 200Hrs Yoga Teachers Training Certification. These notes were created for the purpose of easy to comprehend Key Concepts of Yoga and Organized them to keep the flow of concepts in logical order(or flow of topics connecting/referring each other). Please consider this page as Table of Contents for all the articles related to Yogic Concepts: Astanga Yoga - Eight Limbs of Yoga . Bahiranga Yoga or External Aspect of Yoga  Thank You!

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