Astanga Yoga: Bahiranga Yoga or External Aspect of Yoga

In India a person who has a Sense of Integrity and Follows Ethical Standards are known as Yogi...Rest of the world may use any other term (for Yogi, like Sage) for such person- These are the people who command deep respect by their Behaviour and Conduct.

The Social Scientist Amy Cuddle writes that when your body is mimicking gestures that a powerful person would do, your brain starts to believe that you’re powerful.

What she means is that when you change your body language, it changes your inner aspects. Like when you start imitating Confidence with your Body Language, slowly your mind starts to become confident.

These are present day research on how our External and Internal worlds are connected.

In Ashtanga Yoga, The external aspect of transformation is known as Bahiranga Yoga.

Bahiranga is a Sanskrit term which means Bahir(outer) = External Anga(Limb or Part) = aspect. This concept is not limited to Body Language. This deals with how we conduct ourselves(Behaviour, Virtues and so on) and why we need to be healthy and strong for our overall transformation. 

Swami Vivekananda once said one cannot teach spirituality to a person who is hungry. If you don't have money for food or are sick then you don't need Yoga to survive... You need a job to earn and doctor for health.

So, For our personal development we cannot ignore the external environment. If someone is good in a technology or skills and cannot deal socially... Then there is little chance of success. 

So you cannot ignore the external aspects to develop internal aspects of life. Unless you want to become a Hermit but that too is not a easy task. 

Four External Aspects of Yoga are:
  1. Yama - How to Conduct and Behave in life. 
  2. Niyama - Self Discipline and Spiritual Observations. 
  3. Asanas - Physical Fitness and Health. 
  4. Pranayama - Breathe to Heal the Mind, Body and Soul. 

We will discuss these four aspects of ashtanga yoga in separate articles. 

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