Ashtanga Yoga : The 8 Fold Path of Yoga.

Yoga deals with something beyond, like just for sitting in Deep Meditation or Performing Complex Poses... Because Yoga doesn't say you need to be a celibate or live in mountains or forest. 

In fact Yoga can be performed by anyone, whoever or wherever you are... There were Kings known as Rajarisris( Raja + Rishis) were Kings who lived like Rishis or Yogis...Whether one is householder, sports person, scientist, Homemaker, Teacher, Student or so on, any one can be Yogi and they will perform better in their Profession or Work.

Yoga can be applied on How one Works,  known as Karma Yoga or Yoga of Work. 

Ashtanga Yoga is a set of guidelines that asks you to balance both your External and Internal World...As Yoga means a perfect sense of Harmony, One cannot be at peace if External and Internal worlds are in disagreement. 

The term Ashtanga means Eight(Asta or Octo) Limbs(Anga) , Key Points to Remember:
  • Eight Limbs are independent areas covering particular aspects of Yoga or Personal Transformation/Development. 
  • These Eight Limbs are not Step by Step Process,  one work on the multiple limbs at the same time. 
  • External Aspects or Bahiranga Yoga represents Outer Growth(Social and Physical) - Consists of First Four Limbs of Ashtanga Yoga. 
  • The Fifth Limb acts as bridge between External and Internal Yoga. 
  • Internal Aspects or Antaranga Yoga represents Inner Growth(Know Thyself - Finding who am I) - Consists of Last Three Limbs of Ashtanga Yoga. 
The image below summerize the Astanga or 8 Fold Path of Yoga.
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