This is a Blog about Yoga!

This blog explores the various Yogic Concepts & Philosophy and How that can be applied for Personal Transformation. 

This Blog is managed by Shoumik Kahali who is a Software Professional, Interested in Yoga, Behaviour Science, Human Science , Mythology and Loves to Read Books. 

About My Yoga Journey:

  • Teachers Training Certification (200 Hrs RYT TTC) From "The Yoga Institute" located in Mumbai India.
  • Certification in Yoga Therapy(200Hrs Course) from "Yoga Vidya Gurukul(YogaPoint)"
Why I started this Blog?

Consider me student of Yoga, I joined Yoga Classes in 2018 with the purpose of keeping me fit. And for first time I continued any fitness regime for the longest time. 

I have gone through Gyms, Yoga Classes and other Fitness programs previously... But never continued them for more than 3-4 months a year. 

Though I enjoyed other fitness regime but I wanted to do simple functional exercises that don't need much equipment. I wanted something that complimented my desk job. So I joined Yoga. 

Came Pandemic, The institute I was doing Yoga offered Online Courses for Yoga Teachers Training, with the timings adjusted to work from home schedule... 

These Courses usually done on-campus, one need to take 1 months job leave to such courses... Online it was adjusted to work schedule and duration extended to 45 days(instead of on-campus 1 month)... I took this opportunity. 

While doing the Certifications in Yoga, I came across various concepts that are not learned joining regular Yoga Classes. During my Yoga Certifications I made several notes that I think can be useful to those who want to learn more about Yoga.

I am a Software Professional and know that Software helps Runs the Computer Hardware(and all modern devices like Smart Phone, Watches, Robots etc.)... 

I found it interesting to learn that Yoga provides Tools and Software to Run the Humans in efficient manner. I hope you will feel the same.

I also find there is a connection with the knowledge shared in Yoga, my professional life and other human sciences... Where each of these fields can compliment each other with the wisdom. I just want to connect those dots that I feel will be helpful to all...


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